The Promise of the Father

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"The Promise of the Father" by Anthony Chamberlain is available to purchase via PayPal for £12.99, includes UK post and packing.

These are turbulent times for our world and God is stirring the hearts of many to seek His Kingdom purposes afresh. Never has it been more important for the Church of Jesus Christ to fully embrace the work of the Holy Spirit and this book is a clarion call to men and women to do just that.
Rev. Anne Dunn (Minister at Stonehouse Community Church)
There is no substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit in today's church, an amazing gift of the Father. It is available to all who believe – receive it, embrace it with all your heart. This book will inspire you to passionately seek the fullness of the Spirit, enabling you to be a living witness of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
Rev. Peter J. Boyd (Senior Minister at St. Paul’s Church Worcester)
Tony Chamberlain is an anointed Bible teacher, a very experienced church minister and one of the best preachers I have heard. His book brings to life the reality of the Holy Spirit that is available to all Christians. Unfortunately, so many only have a theoretical knowledge of the subject and of the nature of Holy Spirit baptism, and have yet failed to experience the reality of those special and sometimes powerful moments when we are filled with the Spirit. This may come upon us like “heaven's electricity”, or a flooding of the warmth and closeness of God’s love, or a myriad of other impressions. And sometimes we experience and use those supernatural Gifts of the Spirit described in the Bible, in 1 Corinthians chapter 12.   Tony’s book clearly lays down the wealth of scriptural evidence, and explains the reality of Holy Spirit ministry in the lives of those who are open and wiling to receive him. This is a very detailed study of the subject, and I recommend it to all Christians, whether you are an ordinary Christian, or student at Bible College, or a church minister.
Philip Tory, BSc(Hons), Evangelist and Lay Preacher.
I have read more of Anthony Chamberlain's book. It is such a biblical and inspiring book of truth on the work of the Holy Spirit. His stories and manner that he writes make it very readable and a joy to read. It's written with kindness yet speaks of truth firmly. It radiates love and a desire to build up the Church.
Rev. Andy Economides